NET Archaeology Syllabus

UGC NET Archaeology Syllabus

Unit – I

Definition, aim, and Scope of Archaeology, History, and Growth of Archaeology, History of Indian Archaeology.

Relationship of Archaeology with Social and Natural Sciences.

Retrieval of Archaeological Data: Techniques of Explorations and

Aims and Methods of Conservation and preservation of archaeological remains.

Recording and Preparation of Reports.

Unit – II

Chronology and Dating: Relative, Stratigraphy, Typology, Absolute, Carbon 14, Potassium-Argon, Fission Track, Thermoluminescence, Dendrochronology, Pollen analysis, Varve clay analysis.

Other – methods: Flourine test, nitrogen and phosphate analysis, soil analysis.

Methods of Objective Interpretations: Ethnoarchaeology, Experimental archaeology, Application of new archaeological methods in India. 

Unit – III

Geological Biological and Cultural Dimension of Man.

Quaternary Period: Pleistocene and Holocene, Environment and Climatic Changes.

Pleistocene Flora and Fauna, Main Stages of Human Evolution and important fossil records.

Appearance of Stone Tools and Development of Technology : Main Techniques and Tools of Stone Age, Methods of study of prehistoric remains. 

Unit – IV

Hunting – Gathering Stage : Palaeolithic in Africa, Europe and South – East Asia, Mesolithic in Europe and West Asia; Palaeolithic and Mesolithic remains and important sites of India.

Beginning of Food Production : Neolithic Stage in West Asia, Major neolithic cultures and important sites of India.

Unit – V

Pre and early Harappan Village Cultures of North and North – Western India.

Harappa Culture : Origin, extent, chronology, factors of urbanization, trade, script, religion, art and craft, factors for the decline.

Devaluation of Harappa Culture : Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat.

Chalcolithic village communities of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

Copper using cultures of Gangetic plains.

Unit – VI

Early occurrence of iron: Chrono – Cultural Features.

Main Characteristics of the Cultures: Painted grey ware, Black slipped ware and Megalithic cultures.

Northern Black polished ware culture: Extent, chronology, characteristics traits.

Important city sites : Raj ghat, Ujjain, Vaisali, Taxila, Mathura, Sravasti, Kaushambi and Sishupalgarh.

Important sites of historical period : Sringverapur, Khairadih, Satanikota, Chandraketugarh, Nasik, Arikamedu and Adam.

Unit – VII

The architecture of Structural Stupas: North and South India.

Rock – cut Architecture: Monastries and Shrines.

Main styles of temples: Origin and development of temples, Main features and examples of Nagar, Vesara and Dravid styles.

Main Styles of Sculptural Art: Mauryan, Sunga, Kushana, Gupta, Satvahana, Chalukya, Pallava and Chola periods.

Unit – VIII

Origin and antiquity of coinage in India. Techniques of manufacturing coins.

Important Coins: Punch – marked coins, inscribed and uninscribed cast coins; Principal types of Indo – Greek coinage; Saka and Kushan coinage; Principal types of Gupta Gold coinage; Brief account of pre – Islamic Medieval Indian coinage.

Unit – IX 

Origin and antiquity of writing in India: Origin of Brahmi and Kharasthi scripts, Study of some select inscriptions – Ashokan edicts, Besnagar Garuda pillar inscription; Hathigumpha inscription of Kharvela, Junagarh inscription of Rudradaman, Allahabad pillar inscription of Samudragupta, Aihole pillar inscription of Pulakesin II and Gwalior inscription of Mihira Bhoja.

Unit – X

Proposed area of research; aims and objectives; proposed methodology; primary and secondary sources; review of previous researches in the proposed area, and likely contribution of the proposal.

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