NET Geography Syllabus

UGC NET Geography Syllabus

1. Geomorphology: Fundamental concepts; Endogenetic and Exogenetic forces; Denudation and weathering; Geosynclines, continental drift and plate tectonics; Concept of the geomorphic cycle; Landforms associated with fluvial, glacial, arid, coastal and karst cycles.

2. Climatology: Composition and structure of the atmosphere; Heat budget of the earth; Distribution of temperature; Atmospheric pressure and general circulation of winds; Monsoon and jet stream; Tropical and temperate cyclones; Classification of world climates; Koppen*s and Thoramwaites schemes.

3. Oceanography: Ocean deposits; Coral reefs; Temperature and salinity of the oceans; Density of seawater; Tides and ocean currents.

Bio – Geography: World distribution of plants and animals; Forms and functions of the ecosystem; Conservation and management of ecosystems; Problems of pollution.

4. Geographic Thought: General character of Geographic knowledge during the ancient and medieval period; Foundations of Modern Geography; Determinism and possibilism; Areal differentiation and spatial organization.

5. Population Geography: Patterns of world distribution; Growth and density of population; Patterns and processes of migration; Demographic transition.

Settlement Geography: Site, situation, types, size, spacing and internal morphology of rural and urban settlements; City – region; Primate city; Rank – size rule; Settlement hierarchy; Christallers Central Place theory; August Loschs theory of market Centres.

6. Economic Geography: Sectors of Economy: primary, secondary,. tertiary and quaternary; Natural resources: renewable and non-renewable.

Measurement of agricultural productivity and efficiency; Crop combination and diversification; Von Thimens Model.

Classification of industries: Webers and Loschs approaches; Resource based and footloose industries.

Models of transportation and transport cost: Accessibility and connectivity.

7. Political Geography: Heartland and Rimland theories; Boundaries and frontiers; Nature of administrative areas and Geography of public policy and finance.

Social Geography: Ethnicity; tribe; dialect; language, caste and religion; Concept of social well-being.

Cultural Geography: Culture – areas and cultural regions; Human races; Habitat; Economy and Society of tribal

8. Regional Planning: Regional concept in Geography; Concept of planning regions; Types of regions; Methods of regional delineation; Regional planning in India; Indicators of development; Regional imbalances; Evolution, nature and scope of town planning with special reference to India, and Fundamentals of Town and Country planning.

9. Geography of India: Physiographic divisions; Climate: Its regional variations; Vegetation types and vegetation regions; Major soil types; Irrigation and agriculture; Population distribution and growth; Settlement patterns; Mineral and power resources; major industries and industrial regions.

10. Cartography:  Types of maps: Techniques for the study of spatial patterns of distribution; Choropleth; Isopleth and Chorochromatic maps and pie diagrams; Mapping of location – specific data; Accessibility and flow maps.

Remote sensing and Computer application in mapping; Digital mapping; Geographic Information System (GIS).

Statistical Methods : Data sources and types of data; Frequency distribution and cumulative frequency ; Measures of central, tendency; Selection of class intervals for mapping; Measures of dispersion and concentration; Standard deviation; Lorenz Curve; Methods of measuring association among different attributes; Simple and Multiple correlation; Regression.

Nearest – neighbour analysis; Scaling techniques; Rank score; Weighted score; Sampling techniques for Geographical analysis.

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