NET Law Syllabus

UGC NET Law Syllabus

1. Constitutional Law of India


Fundamental Rights and Duties.

Directive Principles of State Policy.



Union State Legislative Relations.

Emergency Provisions

Amendment of the Constitution.

Writ Jurisdiction

2. Legal Theory

Nature and Sources of Law.

Positivism, Natural. Law Theory, Sociological Jurisprudence.

Theories of Punishment.

Rights and Duties.

Concepts of Possession and Ownership.

3. Public International Law

Nature of International Law and its relationship with Municipal Law.

Sources of International Law.

Recognition of States and Governments.

United Nations

Settlement of International Disputes.

Human Rights

4. Family Law

Concepts in Family Law.

Sources of Family Law in India.

Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage.

5. Law of Contracts

General Principles

Essentials of a valid contract.

Offer, acceptance and consideration.

Capacity to Contract: Minors contract.

Elements vitiating contract: Mistake, fraud, misrepresentation, public policy, coercion, undue influence, the frustration of contract.

Remedies for breach of contract: Damages.

6. Law of Torts

Foundation of Tortuous Liability.

General Defences to the action of Torty.

Vicarious Liability

The remoteness of Damages.

Contributory Negligence

Absolute and Strict Liability.

7. Law of Crimes

General Principles

Nature and Definition of Offence.

General Exceptions

Common Intention and Common Object.

Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy and Abetment.

Offenses against Women.

8. Labour Law

Concepts: Industry, Industrial Dispute, and Workman.

Trade Unions: Rights and Immunities of Registered Trade Union; Registration and its advantages.

Methods for Settlement of Industrial Disputes under Industrial Disputes Act,

Strike and Lockout as Instruments of Collective Bargaining.

Retrenchment, Lay – off and Closures.

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